Every year, millions of tourists are drawn to the Grand Canyon. A wonder of nature that’s larger than the entire state of Rhode Island. Huge, breathtaking, and rightfully one of the seven wonders of the world. Read how I experienced a Grand Canyon helicopter flight with Papillon Helicopters (would you like to book a helicopter flight for yourself? Then read our TOP 10 Helicopter Flights here).

Take several days!

One of those millions of tourists, was me. We only visited the Grand Canyon for a couple of days; while preparing for our trip we did not have a clue about the size of the Grand Canyon and the many sightseeing tours the area has to offer. So, just a few days at the Grand Canyon was relatively short. Do you love nature, beautiful hikes and adventures like helicopter flights, rafting and sightseeing? Then take a few more days to experience this extraordinary area to the fullest.

Considering our relatively short stay in the Grand Canyon (Best Western Squirrel Inn, highly recommendable!), a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon sounded like the perfect plan. In a short period of time you can see a lot of the gorgeous area. And besides that; how cool is it to sit in a helicopter! That’s something you don’t do every day, is it? Especially not while flying over an area like the Grand Canyon.

Which Grand Canyon Helicopter Flight?

Despite the enormous offer, choosing a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon wasn’t too complicated. We were on a tight budget and went for one of the more affordable tours: Papillon’s Imperial Air Tour. In total we paid 388 dollars, 194 dollars per person.

Our helicopter Grand Canyon

Our helicopter in the Grand Canyon

One day after our booking we received the e-tickets with all the flight information (departure location South Rim Terminal, departure time, bringing your ID and so on). In case your flight gets cancelled 24 hours prior to your departure, you will receive a refund of the entire purchase sum. Nice! Luckily, we did not have to use this option!

Helicopter Flight South Rim Terminal

After a short check-in at the small South Rim Terminal (plenty of parking facilities!) we could soon ‘board’ the helicopter. The first 5 kilometers the helicopter crosses a vast forest, after which – pretty suddenly – you fly into the Grand Canyon. A bizarre and fantastic experience that makes you realize that every one of those 194 dollars is so worth it!

On our way to the Grand Canyon

On our way to the Grand Canyon

Multitasking turned out to be a piece of cake for our female pilot; besides flying the 6-person helicopter she told us all about how the Grand Canyon came to be, and about its many highlights. I guess it’s a daily routine for her, helicopters with tourists are flying in and out. Every year, over 600,000 tourists enjoy the Papillon tours.

First view Grand Canyon

First view Grand Canyon

Despite our short visit to the Grand Canyon, the helicopter flight and the incredible scenic beauty left an enormous impression on me. So much that I started writing about it, among others on this website. As far as I’m concerned, a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon is the ultimate bucket list experience!