You don’t really get up close and personal with the Grand Canyon until you take a hike amidst it! You feel the nature and have all the time in the world to admire the ancient old canyon. On this page you find various interesting links to find your perfect hike!

Top 10 hikes

The website has lined up the Grand Canyon hikes top 10 (check it out here). On this website you will find hikes varying from 1.6 to 34.5 kilometers, so there’s a hike for everyone. The website provides all the information: routes, levels of difficulty, differences in altitude and practical information. Useful!

National Park Service

Haven’t found your perfect hike yet? You can also take a look at the website of the National Park Service (NPS). The National Park Service is an independent agency that manages the national parks in America. The organization employs over 20,000 people.

On the website of the National Park Service you’ll find a large number of hikes: South Rim hikes, North Rim hikes, and Rim to Rim hikes. The PDFs with all the information about the hikes can be downloaded for free, without registration. Again, very useful (at registration is required).

Hike Grand Canyon

Hike Grand Canyon

Rim to Rim trail

Recommendable for highly experienced hikers is the Rim to Rim trail, which leads you from the North Rim to the South Rim (Grand Canyon Village). The distance amounts to 23 miles (about 37 kilometers). The hike is popular because of the enormous challenge it offers and because of its high diversity in nature. The canyon is home to a large variety of plants and animals, something you would not suspect from a first glance at the dry Grand Canyon.

Many people take two to three days for this hike and camp on the way. Reserving a camping spot in time is necessary, according to various websites we’ve consulted, the camping spots are booked solid for six months in advance. In addition, it’s good to know that you need permission from the Backcountry Information Center (more about this here).

The best months to take this hike are May/June and September to November. We strongly recommend against taking this hike during high summer, when the Grand Canyon turns into an oven with blazing temperatures of up to 49 degrees.

Curious of how others experienced the Rim to Rim trail? The Guardian wrote a great article about it!